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2016 Winter Tour – Setlist

Winter Tour 2016 – Setlist 


Live downloads of all the shows available at www.yondermountainlive.com

2/2/2016 (Tue) Druid City Music Hall – Tuscaloosa, AL,

Another Day> Roll on Blues, I’ve Got A Name, Red Tail Lights, Souther Flavor, **Funtime>Girlfriend, C’est La Vie, Lonesome Letter, Part 1>Strophe, Pride Of Alabama, Don’t You Lean on Me, Far From You>Train Bound For Gloryland, Travelin’ Prayer, Around You, Eat In Go Deaf, Eat Out Go Broke, *Sideshow Blues>2nd That Emotion>Sideshow Blues

E: Happy Together, My Gal


01/30/16 (Sat)  The International – Knoxville, TN, 
Set 1: Insult And An Elbow, Black Sheep, The End Is Not In Sight, Long Time, Walk On The Wild Side> Winds Of Wyoming, Jolene, Night Out, Sidewalk Stars(1)> Casualty(1)

Set 2: Polka On A Banjo, Only A Northern Song> Winds On Fire, Pockets, Nothin But A Breeze, Straight Line, Blue Collar Blues> Wheel Hoss> Blue Collar Blues, Ever Fallen In Love, Angel(2)> Shakedown Street(2)> Angel(2) E: Life In The Fastlane, Walking Shoes

Comment: (1)= John Frazier on mandolin
(2)= Will Koster on dobro

01/29/16 (Fri)  Orange Peel – Asheville, NC, 
Set 1: 40 Miles From Denver, Pass This Way> EMD> Pass This Way, Left Me In A Hole> River, I Know You Rider, You’re No Good, Summer In The City> Kentucky Mandolin> Summer In The City> Scent Of A Mule

Set 2: Boots> I’m Lost> Drawing A Melody, Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke, Annalee, No Rain, Bound To Ride, Son Of A Gun, Bertha, I’d Like Off> Traffic Jam> All Aboard> New Dusty Miller> All Aboard> Traffic Jam E: White Rabbit, Idaho, Rambler’s Anthem

01/28/16 Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC

Set 1: The End Is Not In Sight> Honestly, Part 1> Things You’re Selling, Black Sheep, Rain Still Falls, This Lonesome Heart, Amie, Love Before You Can’t, It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City> Landfall> It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City

Set 2: Holland 1945> Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong, Bad Reputation, Up For Brinkley’s, Isolate> Dancing In The Moonlight, Head Of That Woman, Cherokee Shuffle(1), Spanish Harlem Incident(1), Remind Me> Robots, On The Run> Mother’s Only Son> On The Run E: Down The River Road
(1)= Bevin Foley on fiddle

01/27/16 (Wed)  The National – Richmond, VA, 
Set 1: Troubled Mind> 20 Eyes> Troubled Mind, Night Is Left Behind, I’ve Got A Name, Night Out, Must’ve Had Your Reasons, Around You, I Second That Emotion(1), If It Hadn’t Been For Love(1), Casualty(1)

Set 2: Travelin Prayer, Finally Saw The Light, Little Lover, Another Day, New Deal Train, Sister Golden Hair, Good Hearted Woman(1)> Looking Back Over My Shoulder(1), Pockets(1), My Gal(1), Southern Flavor(1)> Only A Northern Song(1) E:Crazy Train

Comment: (1)= Jay Starling on dobro

01/26/16 (Tue)  The State Theatre – State College, PA, 
Set 1: Insult And An elbow> Fingerprint> Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke, Drawing A Melody, To See You Coming Round The Bend, White Freightliner, Deep Pockets, Jail Song, Sideshow Blues> Son Of A Preacher Man> Sideshow Blues

Set 2: Sidewalk Stars> Winds On Fire, Jack A Roe, Sometimes I’ve Won, New Dusty Miller, Ever Fallen In Love, Complicated, All The Time, Life In The Fastlane, Angel E: For What It’s Worth, Whitehouse Blues


01/23/16 (Sat)  Orpheum Theater – Madison, WI, 
Set 1: Criminal> Southern Flavor, Dancing In The Moonlight, Black Sheep, Landfall, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Love Before You Can’t, Left Me In A Hole, On The Run> Scent Of A Mule> On The Run

Set 2: Casualty, I’m Lost, 1979> On ly A Northern Song, I’d Like Off, Drawing A Melody, Looking Back Over My Shoulder> Mother’s Only Son, Hello City Limits, All Aboard> Pockets> All Aboard E: No Rain, Around You, I Know You Rider

added song “Hello City Limits”

01/22/16 (Fri)  Canopy Club – Urbana, IL, 
Set 1: Insult And An Elbow> Ever Fallen In Love, Don’t Worry Happy Birthday, Nothin But A Breeze, Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong, Ripcord Blues, Boots, If It Hadn’t Been For Love, Years With Rose> Winds Of Wyoming

Set 2: Fastball> Dogs, High On A Hilltop, How Bout You, Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke, Rambler’s Anthem, Summer In The City, You’re No Good> Traffic Jam> I Second That Emotion> Traffic Jam E: Walk On The Wildside, Another Day

01/21/16 (Thu)  The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN, 

Set 1: Redbird> Pass This Way> EMD> Pass This Way, Jail Song, Bad Reputation, Bound To Ride, Bloody Mary Morning, All The Time> It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City> New Dusty Miller> It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City

Set 2: Holland 1945> I’m Lost, Kentucky Mandolin, Sister Golden Hair, Travelin Prayer, Night Out> Honestly, Fingerprint> Spanish Harlem Incident> Sidewalk Stars> Girlfriend Is Better E: Son Of A Gun, 40 Miles From Denver

01/20/16 (Wed)  Lyric Theatre – Lexington, KY, 

Set 1: Gilpin Swing, Landfall, Black Sheep, Annalee, Life In The Fastlane, All Aboard> Winds Of Fire> All Aboard, Left Me In A Hole, On The Run

Set 2: Drawing A Melody, I’d Like Off> Only A Northern Song, Crooked Hitch, The End Is Not In Sight, Pockets, This Lonesome Heart, Around You, Love Before You Can’t, Angel E: Jolene, Troubled Mind


Winter Tour 2016


2016 Winter Tour Announced

Winter Tour is coming! We’ll be in a town near you as 2016 unfolds, along with special guests Trout Steak Revival, as well as a couple outings with our friends Keller & The Keels.
Public on-sale Friday November 6 at 12pm ET.


Winter Tour Special Guests


Trout Steak Revival

Trout Steak Revival has earned a place in the mountain states bluegrass scene, performing to sold-out audiences, winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, placing in the 2012 Rockygrass Band Competition, and even winning an Emmy Award for a soundtrack with Rocky Mountain PBS. Their new album, “Brighter Every Day,” is slated for release in late March 2015. Winter Tour 2016 marks the first time Trout Steak Revival will tour with Yonder Mountain String Band.

29e79da4-0aff-4859-86b0-ab0f2a84f00dKeller and the Keels

“Award winning flat picker Larry Keel and his rock solid, in the pocket bass playing wife, Jenny Keel, make up two thirds of this super fun trio I started in 2004. With two albums recorded together, the handful of gigs we play a year turn into acoustic picking parties. We vowed from the beginning that we wouldn’t do it often so that when we did, it would be special and it is.” –Keller Williams

Spring Tour 2016


This Spring Yonder Is Headed Your Way!

From winter to spring, we are making our way from one coast to the other! We are pleased to announce our Spring Tour dates which will take us to some of the best venues across the Northwest and Midwest! We will be joined by Polecat and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.

It’s with great pleasure to announce  our special guests who will be joining us along for the ride! Here is a little about each:

Polecat | March 15th – March 26th

full band laughing pic

Polecat has traveled all over Northwest U.S., performing over 500 shows in five years. Their unique instrumentation and song arrangements enable them to seamlessly blend genres including bluegrass, country, celtic, rock, reggae, and world music into their sound. The general appeal of Polecat comes from their unique take on roots music and their interactive and high energy live shows.

Polecat will be announcing their official CD Release on tour with us! One more reason to come to one of our tour dates featuring Polecat. 

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades | March 30th – April 9th


Hailing from the river town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, HHG plays something like progressive high-energy old-time folk music. With strong roots in old-time and bluegrass, the band has formed it’s own unique style born from the diverse musical backgrounds and interests of the five friends who make up the band. All born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades began playing music and their earliest shows in the spring of 2010. Being mostly inspired by rivers, valleys, good friends, good drink, and life’s never-ending adventures, this five piece is as sturdy as any midwest riverbed and will make your toes tape from sundown to sunrise.


New Year’s Eve: “Deep-Grass Tracks: A Celebration of the Decades” Setlist

Sam Bush_New_Years_Eve_Yonder_Mountain_String_Band

Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band at Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO – 12/30/2015

Special Guest: Sam Bush

Set I: Around You, Jumping Jack Flash, Spanish Harlem, For What It’s Worth, Winds Of Wyoming -> Suspicious Minds -> Winds Of Wyoming -> Bound To Ride, Summer In The City -> KY Mando -> Summer In The City -> Rambler’s Anthem

Set II: Jail Song, Casualty -> I Second That Emotion -> Casualty, Preacher Man, Southern Flavor -> I’m Lost, End Is Not In Sight, Girl You’ll Be A Woman, Northern Song -> Happy Together -> Sidewalk Stars -> Northern Song

Encore: White Rabbit


Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band at Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO – 12/31/15

Set 1: Travelin’ Prayer, Reasons, Ever Fallen In Love > Dancing in the Moonlight, Jack A Roe, Insult and An Elbow, Drawing a Melody, Finally Saw The Light, Stuck In The Middle, Traffic Jam, Torn & Frayed, Sister Golden Hair, Pass This Way>EMD> Pass This Way, Ziggy Stardust

Set 2: Life In The Fastlane, Eat In Go Deaf, Jolene, Shakedown, We Are Family, Subterranean, Bertha, Walk On The Wild Side, Amie, You’re No Good>Saint In The City>Landfall>Saint In The City

Encore: Ooh La La, Rider

Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band at Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO – 1/1/2016

With Special Guest: Jerry Douglas

Live download available at www.yondermountainlive.com
Photos by Dirty Santa Claus Photography: www.durtysanta.com

Set 1: Bad Reputation, Black Sheep (Punk), River, Troubled Mind>20 Eyes>Night Out, I’m Not Saying, Clean Sheets, Who Can It Be Now, All Aboard>New Dusty Miller> All Aboard

Set 2: Crazy Train, 876-5309, Son Of A Gun, Nausea, All The Time>Looking Back, All The Time, I Don’t Wanna Hear It, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Look Out For Hope, Girlfriend>Boots>Girlfriend, White Freightliner,

Encore: Love Before You Can’t, Complicated


Setlist: Yonder Mountain String Band at Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO – 1/2/2016

With Special Guest: Stanley Jordan


Set 1: Sideshow Blues>High on a Hilltop>Sideshow Blues, Drown, Nothin But A Breeze, Criminal, Dominated Love Slave, Hole, This Lonesome Heart, Harvest Moon>On The Run>Scent Of A Mule>On The Run

Set 2: Mothers Only Son>Holland 1945>No Rain, Whitehouse Blues, Eight Cylinders, Gilpin Swing, 1979, Bolton Stretch, Idaho, Years w/Rose, Angel>Robots>Angel,

Encore: Remind Me, Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong

Articles over the New Year’s Run:

Blast From the Past: YMSB Rings in New Year With Nostalgic Covers

Yonder Mountain String Band Wraps Guest-Filled New Year’s Run In Boulder


“Drawing A Melody” – Yonder Mountain String Band at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Yonder Mountain String Band_Red Rocks Amphitheater_2015

Sunday Morning Jams! 

“Drawing a Melody” produced by GigTours from our lovely night at Red Rocks this past summer.

Speaking of melodies, we are just a couple days away from our New Year’s Eve “Four Night Affair” at the Boulder Theater in our home-town of Boulder, Colorado. We can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of you in one of our favorite venues!

Enjoy the morning jam and don’t forget about our New Year’s run with special guests! We will be celebrating “Deep-Grass Tracks: The Best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s” – so come dressed to impress with grand prizes including a “Special Meet and Greet”, signed setlist, and merch. package!

Tickets for our four night run at the Boulder Theater this December 30th – January 2nd, with special guests:

December 30th with Sam Bush
December 31st with Yonder Mountain String Band
January 1st with Jerry Douglas
January 2nd with Stanely Jordan

#Throwback: Our Top Ten Moments From the 4th Annual Strings & Sol


Strings & Sol came and gone but the memories from this this year seem to linger even weeks after the fact. Here are some of our favorite photos and memories (not in any particular order) from this weekend in paradise.

Until next time Strings and Sol! 

Don’t forget to check out the live recordings for Strings & Sol available at our Yonder Mountain Live website.

(Photos provided by Josh Trimmermans of Noble Visions)

1. Lets be honest, this view…

this view

2. Jacob Jolliff taking the “man-bun” to the next level as Mayor McCheese

Mayor_McCheese_YonderMountainStringBand_Jacob Jolliff12339417_792428830860949_5345286236449552979_o (1)

3. Seeing our Kinfolk in Mexico!


Old and New…

new and old kinfolk

4. Jamming with some of our friends on the beach


jammin on the beach 

Day and Night…

2015-12-10 23.08.02

5. Pickin’ late night at the Palapa

7. Daytime pickin’ with friends like Fruition

Strings and sol_Fruition_ yonder mountain string band

8. Dave Johnston getting schooled at Ping-Pong!


9. Bingo with Allie Kral, Sam Bush,  and Mimi Naja

Strings and Sol_Yonder Mountain String BandCRd_aJGQYka1fkPBrHlQ_lTqjad6gZKejDppGROKuIs

8. Ben Kaufman’s Frank Sinatra set with guests from Leftover SalmonHYXmxX4tzzpgRhgu-4tTyZAWvLWBu50IHMFXk-A674k

9.  Loungin’ during the day time

10. And this comical message from Allie at the pool…

Not to offend anyone, but seriously…consider coming to our 2016 tour!

Tour Details

#ThrowbackThursday – DittyTV “Insult and an Elbow”


Throwing it back to a recent Yonder classic from our latest Album, “Black Sheep”. Check out this live recording from Ditty TV of “Insult and an Elbow” as we get ready to hit the road on our Winter and Spring Tour this coming year.

Tour Information and Tickets


Angel > Robots > Angel | Yonder Mountain String Band | Red Rocks Amphitheater | August 21st, 2015

Yonder Mountain String Band_Red Rocks Amphitheater_August 21st 2015

And so it continues…here is the newest release from TourGigs of our performance at our home-state amphitheater, Red Rocks.

Wow, what a magical night! We hope this is the pick-me-upper that you needed before finishing the holiday weekend and heading into the final weeks before the New Year!

Speaking of, we have limited tickets for our four night run at the Boulder Theater this December 30th – January 2nd, with special guests:

December 30th with Sam Bush
December 31st with Yonder Mountain String Band
January 1st with Jerry Douglas
January 2nd with Stanely Jordan

SPOILER ALERT! We will be releasing dates for our Spring Tour in the next couple weeks! If you haven’t planned your shows for our Winter Tour —- what are you waiting for?! Tour Dates Here

Yonder Mountain Wants to Buy You a Beer For Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Us!

Yonder_NYEpromo_MtnSun (1)

Your mom would be so proud of you on this two for one! 

Yonder Mountain String Band returns to Boulder, Colorado for a 4-night New Year’s Eve affair at the beloved Boulder Theater December 30January 2. A Yonder Mountain tradition, these hometown shows are the icing on the yearly Yonder cake. We would love to buy you a beer for joining us at New Year’s! Visit any of the Mountain Sun locations to purchase your New Year’s Eve ticket and have a brew on us! We’ve teamed up with long-time friends, Mountain Sun Brewery to give you the best two for one around!


Also give yourself another pat on the back for avoiding extra service cost fees and supporting our local brewery!

This will be available up until the show and available at all of the locations, click on the spots below for directions:


LONGS PEAK PUB – 600 Longs Peak Ave Longmont, CO 80501


MOUNTAIN SUN PUB & BREWERY – 1535 Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302


SOUTHERN SUN – 627 South Broadway Boulder, CO 80305


UNDER THE SUN EATERY & TAPHOUSE – 627A South Broadway Boulder, CO 80305


VINE STREET PUB & BREWERY – 1700 Vine Street Denver, CO 80206

Also – Check out our special guest for New Years Eve as we are bringing the heat with an incredible 4-day lineup! 

December 30th with Sam Bush
December 31st with Yonder Mountain String Band
January 1st with Jerry Douglas
January 2nd with Stanely Jordan
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