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Thank you for this year’s Harvest Festival

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s Harvest Festival a great (if wet and muddy) experience. We’ll admit we feel bummed that the weather didn’t permit us the opportunity to share our 1500th show with the fans on Mulberry Mountain. But we were so thankful to hear the music start up again later Saturday night and to feel the energy coming from across that field. We remain ever grateful for the opportunity to play music for such a caring and passionate group of people. Thank you, Kinfolk.

With love,

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  • RET says:

    YEAH, it was a great festival that the weather dampened. Wish yonder would have played in tent once storm passed, or at least a sit in somewhere…. thought that was weird. Three bands played after storm, but neither was yonder and none had a sit in. missed opportunity for major magic after that storm. WHY?