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“Love Before You Can’t” Pre-Tour Skype Edition


Just a few more days until we hit the road…but who’s counting anyways?jj

We’ve been looking forward to the fall tour since the day we stepped off the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater this past summer! We took a few weeks to unwind and we couldn’t be more stoked to get back on the road and among our Kinfolk with some exciting stops and ending tour on a high-note with our 4 night New Years Eve shows with special guests (to be announced this week so stay tuned!) at the Boulder Theater!

Yonder Mountain can be found from coast to coast…literally. Our lady, Allie Kral is in the Northwest, Ben Kaufmann in California, Dave Johnston & Adam Aijala in Colorado and Jacob Jolliff in the Northeast. From time to time, it can be hard to get everyone under the same roof during breaks from tour. We wouldn’t let distance stop us and we decided to harness the powers of the inter-webs and put together this fun video of “Love Before You Can’t” – Skype style! Hope you enjoy and we hope to see you this Fall!

We hope to see you along the way: http://bit.ly/ymsbtours

YONDER MOUNTAIN PUNK BAND Takes the Stage On Halloween


Halloween is that one time of the year where you really get to be whoever you want. Step out of the daily grind and distractions of the everyday hustle. The one time of the year where you get to embody that special someone (or in some cases, things) that takes you for a night of tricks, treats and some good ole’ fun.

Well, Yonder Mountain String Band isn’t going to miss out this on opportunity to switch it up and manifest our inner-punk that has influenced each and every one of our band members, so without further a do, we give you YONDER MOUNTAIN PUNK BAND! 

That’s right, join us for one night of some good ole’ shenanigans as we cover some of our favorite punk songs, Yonder style!

We’d love to see you at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio for this special night so get your ticket and prepare to rock out: http://bit.ly/halloweenympb

Can’t make it to this special night? Plenty of other tour dates this fall so check out our schedule while we highlight other great Yonder covers as well as originals from our latest album, “Black Sheep”,



Black Sheep – Live From Red Rocks Amphitheater


Only a couple more days before we hit the road for our Fall tour. As we get ready to head out, we reminisce on all the great places and times we have had to this point and although each show provided a unique experience in its own way, our Red Rocks show is a memory that burns bright for us. With the addition of Jake and Allie and the release of our album, “Black Sheep“, playing at the iconic sandstone monoliths amphitheater that we call Red Rocks, was the icing on the cake for our summer tour. As Reverb put it, ” It quickly became clear that the band’s two new members, mandolinist Jake Jolliff and fiddle player Allie Kral, have settled in with the band and that the quintet is working well as a unit.” It’s been a great one so far and we look forward to touring this fall, kicking it off at the Hangtown Halloween Ball on Oct. 23rd. In celebration of this past year and looking forward to hitting the road, enjoy this Red Rocks video of “Black Sheep”.

Red Rocks Setlists
Yonder Mountain String Band
Set 1
Around You, Left Me in a Hole, Only a Northern Song -> Sidewalk Stars -> Only a Northern Song, I’ve Got a Name, Another Day, Black Sheep, All Aboard -> New Dusty Miller -> All Aboard

Set 2
Drawing a Melody, Criminal, The End is Not in Sight, I’m Lost, It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City -> Eat In Go Deaf -> It’s Hard to be a Saint in the City, Jolene, 40 Miles from Denver, Landfall, Love Before You Can’t, Insult, Angel -> Robots -> Angel, E: Traffic Jam* -> Jaywalking* -> Traffic Jam*
* w/ Greensky Bluegrass



Photos by Spady Photography

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2015_0412 YMSB_048

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

We recently shot a performance and interview with Acoustic Guitar magazine​!  We play a few songs from Black Sheep and Ben and Adam talk about the new album, playing music with Jacob Jolliff​ and Allie Kral​, Adam’s love for Collings Guitars​, and everything in between.  Check it out here!

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